Peugeot dealer sited in Leioa (Bizkaia) which has a mezzanine for storage of cars. Space requirements for parking cars are awaiting repair has been resolved with a two-tier structure load with 313 m² area total, occupies almost all of a small industrial building next to the ship workshop and car showroom.

Mezzanine with 313 m² for storage and deposit of passenger cars that are waiting for repair

The mezzanine is equipped with a lift or elevator car, and the access for workers is througth existing staircase in the local. This staircase allows to access to a small concrate mezzanine is now hidden under the second mezzanine level of the steel mezzanine . The mezzanine floor is formed by tongue and groove chipboard 35 mm. coated by galvanized sheet stamped 1.5 mm. thickness, which protects the chipboards against liquids and oil spills.