CIE Automotive Group is a leading industrial group with factories in several continents, global provider of comprehensive services, components and subassemblies for the automotive market. The CIE NORMA factory based in Itziar (Gipuzkoa) manufactures airbag components, steering, anti shake, subassemblies, and its 18,200 m² of floor area results insuficient, so it needs a mezzanine in the new manufacturing line for collection of raw materials, mainly metal tubes.

Mezzanine of 120 m² over area manufacturing

To do this, Kepler has installed a mezzanine of 120 m² over area manufacturing. The mezzanine must support a uniform live load of 1000 kg / m². The usage is the packet storage tubes 6 m. in length, which are handled with a crane, and put on special racks, which thay have also been designed and manufactured by Kepler.

The mezzanine is characterized by having a diastancia between columns important because the bottom area is occupied by machinery which does not allow the positioning of intermediate columns. The maximum distance between columns is 7.53 x 7.46 meters. We used reduced depth beams for better utilization of the available height. The mezzanine is completed with a perimeter handrail and kickplate, and a cat ladder for workers access.