• LOCATION: Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain)
  • ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Veterinary Retailer. Leading veterinary distributor in Spain and Portugal.
This project was highly complex from an operational point of view: the presence of elements in the construction area meant that the installation required the use of a crane. In addition, the client’s need to carry out the assembly operations out of working hours implied night work.


  • AREA: 741 m²
  • UTILISATION: Medium load warehouse
  • LOAD CAPACITY: 600 kg/m²
  • FLOOR: High density chipboard 38 mm thick. Anti-slip finish Grey / White melamine
  • LEVELS: 1 level + ready for an intermediate level
  • CONSTRUCTION PERIOD: 12 weeks in night shifts


  • Column layout conditioned by the elements present in the screed
  • First robotised warehouse in the branch (above the mezzanine floor)
  • Mezzanine floor ready for extension with an intermediate level