Mezzanine of 692 m² of total surface that ELEKTRA CATALUNYA has in Tarragona. It is divided in two different areas depending on the construction system employed. An area of 433 m² with PENTA system formed entirely by cold formed C-sections, where the distance between the grid columns does not exceed 4.1 x 5.2 m, and the remaining area with KEPLER system where the main beams are hot rolled IPE-section with a distance between columns of 10.56 meters.

Mezzanine of 692 m² of total surface

Mezzanine structure has been protected against fire by applying a projected perlite-vermiculite directly on perlite. The tubular columns are protected with insulating panels. To ensure adhesion of the mortar to the underside of the floor has been arranged previously a metal mesh. This passive protection system of the structure requires that the area is clear and free of equipment or goods, as being a wet application method is susceptible to damage what is under the mezzanine at the time of application.

GRUPO ELEKTRA is a leading group of companies engaged in electrical installations of high and low voltage, which has become a reference in the sector of electrical equipment distribution throughout Spain.

El GRUPO ELEKTRA es un importante grupo de empresas dedicadas a las instalaciones electricas de alta y baja tensión, que se ha consolidado como una referencia en el sector de distribución de material eléctrico en toda España.

Este proyecto de adecuación de sus nuevas instalaciones en Tarragona ha sido llevado a cabo por nuestro distribuidor-integrador INSTAR, empresa tarraconense de dilatada trayectoria en el equipamiento de industrias y comercios.