4-tier mezzanine  that occupies the freezing chamber STEF IBERIA logistics center in the polygon Casablanca in Torrejon de Ardoz. Its approximate area is 4912 m². The top three levels rise above the zone of “pre-chamber”, which is isolated from the freezing chamber by an insulating enclosure under the second level of the mezzanine.

4-tier mezzanine that occupies the freezing chamber

The area above the “pre-chamber” is supported on eight columns between loading dock gates that provide access to the building, so that the distance waged by the beams of the structure is 9.90 m. This way we avoid placing columns in the interior of the “pre-chamber” and take use of the camera between the roof of the “pre-chamber” and the freezing chamber. The dimensioning of the structural elements has resulted in the use of beams of high elastic limit (S355JR quality).

The mezzanine is used for the storage of pallets to 1200 kgs weight. The structure is designed to support an live load of 1000 kg / m² at level 1, and 600 kg / m² in the top three levels. The handling of the pallets on the pallet mezzanine will be made with manual or electric hand pallet truck, weighing together with the pallet transported up to 1700 kgs. To support these dynamic loads, has placed a chipboard floor structural P4 quality tongue&groove fixed to the joists of the structure, where distance between them is never more than 480 mm. Also on the chipboard floor, provides galvanized sheet metal 2 mm. thick, which gives it strength and durability.