This mezzanine floor of 649 m² is located inside a freeze chamber at operating temperature -8ºF (-22 º C) is a challenge in design and implementation. The problem to be solved has been to increase the available horizontal surface inside a camera fully occupied by conventional pallet racking and Drive-In racks on the both sides, and actually it is only to the ground level and on the upper mezzanine supported by the racking.

This mezzanine floor of 649 m² is located inside a freeze chamber

The client’s idea after finding that the racks could not sustain an elevated walkways intermediate level has been to install a mezzanine intermediate, structurally independent, and located at the level of the second tier of beams.

For this, a supporting structure has been designed to cover totally the chamber. It does not interfere with the uprights of the racks, and prevents chipboard decking on them. Also, for obvious reasons, have had to place the columns faced with uprights of racking, in order not to prevent the handling of pallets. The section used is as narrow as possible so that both profile as base plate does not being over maximum allowed.

The arrangement of Drive-In racks on both ends of the chamber has increased the difficulty, as they have had to place secundary-cross beams in order to place the columns at points where they do not interfere with the Drive-In lanes.