Certified assembly teams and equipment

KEPLER relies on certified assembly teams. In addition to the assembly of metal structures for mezzanines floors, these specialised crews allow us to tackle work involving the assembly and disassembly of shelving, bulkheads, suspended ceilings, boxes for storerooms in mini-warehouses, etc.

All the individuals and equipment employed by our company comply with the requirements established in the Spanish Law 31/1995 regarding the Occupational Risk Prevention, both for construction sites and for the coordination of business activities.

In accordance with Royal Decree 171/2004, which develops the 24th article of the Spanish Law on Occupational Risk Prevention concerning the coordination of business activities, a series of requirements must be fulfilled by the companies visiting the client’s premises to carry out assembly operations. These standards include the presentation of documents certifying compliance with specific training requirements, safety and health surveillance, protection equipment availability, risk assessment, etc. They also include the fulfilment of an information protocol regarding the risks and particular conditions of the site where the work will be carried out.

When operations are carried out within the scope of a construction or building site, the regulations determining the requirements to be fulfilled are set out in Royal Decree 1627/1997, 24th October, which establishes the minimum health and safety provisions for building sites. There are significant differences with regard to the coordination of business activities regulations, both in terms of safety responsibilities and compliance requirements.

In order to guarantee that the contracted professional teams satisfy the legal requirements, we proceed to homologate these teams according to an internal procedure that ensures not only the fulfilment of these minimum requirements, but also the conditions for the assembly personnel that KEPLER establishes as necessary in terms of qualification and experience. The main objective is to ensure a proper and successful assembly of the mezzanine floor installation with no risk of accident.


Metal structures

Our long experience and extensive know-how in the field of metal structures means that we always provide solutions in close collaboration with technical experts. Furthermore, we advise our clients on regulatory issues and provide the required support when defending the technical feasibility of projects before public authorities.