LOCATION: Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain) ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Veterinary Retailer. Leading veterinary distributor in Spain and Portugal. This project was highly complex from an operational point of view: the…

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LOCATION: Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain) ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Surgical Supplies. MEDTRONIC provides innovative healthcare technology solutions for the most severe pathologies, bringing hope and new opportunities to patients all over…

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LOCATION: Molins de Rei (Barcelona) ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Graphic arts printing company. EXAPRINT is a printing leader in continuous evolution to meet the demanding needs of an ever-changing market. A benchmark…

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LOCATION: Chiloeches (Guadalajara, Spain) ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Integral logistics services. Logistics company with over 25 years’ experience: ICP is fully committed to latest technologies in automated warehousing to make the difference…

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STEF Torrejón

LOCATION: Torrejón (Madrid, Spain) ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Logistics Operator. European leader in temperature‑controlled logistics, specialised in frozen products (-25°C), both picking and transport. The assembly was performed in two stages to…

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Two-tier mezzanine and 643 m² area intended for light load storage (350 kg / m²).


Two-tier mezzanine and 643 m² area intended for light load storage (350 kg / m²) Comercializadora de Manutención, S.L. (COMANSA) is a distribution company for storage and handling equipment for…

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This 247 m² mezzanine has been installed within the work of a new establishment. Enfedaque Perez hermanos, S.L. is a company located in Villanueva de Gallego (Zaragoza) which sells construction…

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Two-tier structure load with 313 m² area total.


Peugeot dealer sited in Leioa (Bizkaia) which has a mezzanine for storage of cars. Space requirements for parking cars are awaiting repair has been resolved with a two-tier structure load…

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Mezzanine for showrrom of vehicles


Mezzanine for showrrom of vehicles Renault cars in Astigarraga (Gipuzkoa). With 311 m² of floor space this spacious mezzanine exhibition area of the establishment by taking advantage of the height…

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The company sited in Andoain is specialized in the sale and repair of motorcycles and quads. It has a mezzanine floor of 227 m² on 2-tier levels for exhibition of…

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KEPLER closely with BITO, Storage Systems, has installed a mezzanine of 1005 m2 in a new logistics platform of AZKARr in Meco, near Madrid. Designed and built by Van der…

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4-tier mezzanine that occupies the freezing chamber

STEF Madrid

4-tier mezzanine  that occupies the freezing chamber STEF IBERIA logistics center in the polygon Casablanca in Torrejon de Ardoz. Its approximate area is 4912 m². The top three levels rise above…

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Conveyors and roller ways detail


Small mezzanine for automated warehouse designed by CONVEY and with shelves from BITO. We opted for a special design, using long spams and avoiding that columns are positioned in the middle of…

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Portuguese company dedicated to providing specialized logistics services to the pharmaceutical industry, has in its facilities Fervença, near Sintra, a new warehouse, built in 2004. They have a storage capacity…

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Structure adapted to the drive-in uprights layout

STEF Sevilla

This mezzanine floor of 649 m² is located inside a freeze chamber at operating temperature -8ºF (-22 º C) is a challenge in design and implementation. The problem to be…

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2-tier mezzanine for light storage of 450 kg / m² uniform load 2-tier mezzanine for light storage of 450 kg / m² uniform load for CASA ARTIACH from Zaragoza (Spain),…

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After installing the mezzanine


Mezzanine of 258 m² for light load storage of up to 350 kg / m² Mezzanine of 258 m² for light load storage of up to 350 kg / m² …

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Loreak Mendian

Mezzanine of 198 m² of floor designed for a uniform load of 350 kg / m² The firm is a famous fashion clothes trademark sited in Gipuzkoa, and it has…

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Two-tier mezzanine of 1233 m² for medium load storage (500 kg / m²) In its plant sited in Getafe (Spain), where takes place Eurofighter wing manufacturing, Construcciones Aeronaúticas features a…

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Bilde Interiorismo

Two-tier mezzanine with 163 m² area for lightweight packages and store fixtures Company sited in Amorebieta (Biscay) dedicated to interior design projects, and home decor. It is a two-tier mezzanine…

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Assembly of the structure

Morteros BIKAIN

Mezzanine floor for storage of pallets weighing 1000 kg. outside a mortar and plaster manufacturing plant Mezzanine storage pallets weight of 1000 kg outdoor of a manufacturing workshop for in…

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Art Regal

This mezzanine is for being assembled in trade shows or exhibitions in the sector of gifts, accessories and jewelry. The mezzanines are an ideal solution for these types of events,…

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Diputación de Zaragoza

Mezzanine of 142 m² executed for Council of Zaragoza at the International Exhibition ExpoAgua, which took place in 2008. This mezzanine was part of stand, that the company Empty, specializing…

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CIE Automotive

CIE Automotive Group is a leading industrial group with factories in several continents, global provider of comprehensive services, components and subassemblies for the automotive market. The CIE NORMA factory based…

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CIKAUTXO, Sdad.Coop.

CIKAUTXO, is a company founded in 1971 that develops and manufactures parts or assemblies in polymer materials for various applications, and very important in the field of automotion. It belongs…

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The self-storage center that BLUESPACE has in Madrid’s Fuencarral distric, is one of the most modern and largest of this business in Spain. Kepler has supplied and installed all the…

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