• We are the ideal one-stop supplier offering solutions to space requirements involving mezzanine floors systems.
  • KEPLER relies on an experienced team with over 20 years of experience in the field of metal structures, storage systems and maintenance equipment.
  • Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers and workshops, we can provide the most advanced production systems, guaranteeing the highest quality in all our manufacturing processes.
  • KEPLER operates with 3D design and structural calculation software using BIM technology, which allows for the integration of external systems.

Our equipment includes automated machining systems for cutting and drilling beams and columns

  • strip-forming lines for the manufacture of crossbeams
  • heavy and thin boiler-making sections for the construction of columns
  • all kind of parts and piecework
  • handrails
  • stairs and ladders

We use different processes to paint our structures and accessories:

  • shot blasting and spray booths with air drying for large and heavy workpieces.
  • powder coating booths and oven-drying systems for other parts.

Thanks to our knowledge, production capacities and corporate reliability, we provide our clients with THE VALUE OF EXPERTISE.

Kepler work process


Extensive knowledge of metal structures

We communicate closely with our clients to find the most suitable solutions to meet their space requirements, tailoring each project to their specific needs.

In-house engineering service

Design and optimisation of structure calculation using the most advanced software. 3D designing and modelling. We provide support in the presentation of the project’s technical feasibility when necessary.


Manufacturing methods using the most appropriate production resources for each process.

Assembly and installation

Our certified and experienced teams perform the assembly of the installation.